Cargo Logistics International, LLC  is a Freights Forwarder that uses Logistics Management for Ocean, Air, and Trucking.We Offer Transportation, Insurance and Customs Clearance.Cargo Logistics International, LLC  offers Global Logistics for USA, Canada, China, India, and Brazil on Imports and Exports.
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Integrated Logistics Services

Logistics Management Global Logistics Cargo Logistics International, LLC  Ocean Container Expert ServicesCargo Logistics International, LLC
will receive at a designated point of delivery all duly authorized materials for a client. Cargo Logistics International, LLC will perform all shipping functions utilizing a customer's approved documentation procedures. All goods received will be confirmed through comparison with Bills of Lading or delivery tickets and internal Cargo Logistics International, LLC documents which will confirm quantities, PO status and identify goods which arrive OS&D (Over, Short and Damaged). All OS&D goods will be documented in accordance with our client's requirements.

Damaged materials will be noted on the bill of lading or delivery ticket as received and subject to further inspection. All damage claims will be accessed within 72 hours of occurrence in order to ensure claim validity.


During the course of receiving a shipment Cargo Logistics International, LLC will:

  • Receiving logistics services, Logistic service Shipping and ReceivingExamine all packages for shortage and damages prior to unloading.
  • Specifics such as wet, open, crushed, or torn packaging; broken, bent, rusty or scratched material will be duly noted on delivery documents.
  • All exceptions will be acknowledged in writing by obtaining driver's signature prior to or during unloading.
  • The letters "OS&D" will be stamped on the front page of the delivery ticket/freight bill. Customer's will be notified in writing via E-Mail or Fax with a photocopy of freight bill attached.
  • Cargo will be relocated to a designated hold area to facilitate access for further inspection by a client's designated representatives.

Upon instruction from our customer all items will be transferred from OS&D hold areas and entered into the supply stream.

Logistics Service Check, Receiving and shippingChecking

Upon receipt of the goods Cargo Logistics International, LLC will:

  • Verify the number of items in the consignment.
  • Verify the weight of the consignment.
  • Verify the entire contents in each consignment by reconciling the items to the vendor packing slip.
  • Produce a material receipt which will include a location code as well as standard information pertaining to the contents and condition of the goods.

The cargo will be placed in a holding area by cost center and/or material type provided that export packing is not required.

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